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We at SPIC-EGYPT believe that infection control guidelines should be made reachable and accessible to all healthcare workers. Our outmost interest is prevention, which we believe is much more efficient than cure.  We are a non-profit clinical micro-biologists’ entity aiming  at serving the society of medical practitioners on different levels by:

  • Empowering medical practitioners in using their knowledge and capacities for the benefit of their societies
  • Providing a forum for medical practitioners to discuss topics related to infection control and hospital hygiene education and science with their fellow colleagues from other universities in Egypt as well as other nationalities around the globe, and to formulate policies from such discussions
  • Promoting and facilitating professional and scientific interaction in addition to projects focusing on infection control updated guidelines
  • Providing a link between its members and those of other societies, associations and international organizations, and to encourage the cooperation between them for the ultimate benefit of the healthcare settings

The society has scientific, cultural and social activities but no political or religious ones, promoting the implementation of infection control principles among professionals.


SPIC-EGYPT main focus is about

  -Hand hygiene

  -Surveillance of HCAIs

  -Environment control

  -Disinfection and sterilization

  -Behavior change

  -However, fulfilling , all chapters of IPC program its main interest