Roulette Variants – What Is What And Which Is Best

Roulette, like many other top online casino games doesn’t just come in a straight forward package. There are many types of different variants of online casino games, and roulette is no different. Okay, perhaps there are not as many roulette variants as there are poker or slots, but still there are a few and it would pay to know which game of roulette you are playing before you decide to lay down your chips.

Of course, the two biggest variants are American and European roulette. The American version of roulette has an additional spot on the wheel that is known more commonly as double zero or 00. What this does is dramatically change the chances a player has of winning and as such is far less popular with online roulette players than European roulette.

American roulette has thirty eight slots on the wheel, whilst European roulette only has thirty seven, the additional slots being the double zero (00) and well as the standard zero (0) which both European and American roulette share. Because European roulette has one left zero, the house edge is considerably lower, at only 2.63% as opposed to the 5.26% that American roulette has.

For a player who doesn’t believe in numbers and statistics, there are a number of other ways a player can go about finding out, one such method is to play the games themselves for free. Although there are no such things as completely free online casinos, there are certainly free roulette games at major online casinos that can most certainly be played for free.

With these free roulette games, one can easily play the games for what they are, learn about the betting table and realise the difference between both European and American roulette. If a player is ever offered the choice between the two variants (and they commonly are in online casinos) a player who has more interest in winning that losing should almost certainly choose European roulette over American roulette.

Another small variant of roulette is mini roulette which has over the last few years, become quite a popular game. Mini roulette follows the standard rules of either European or American roulette, although as you might imagine, there are far less slots on the reel, often only twelve or so. This roulette variant has proved immensely popular with gamers playing on a mobile gaming platform such as the iPhone, tablet devices or Android phones.